Founded in May 2021 by a group of Canadian university students, The Happy Race was pieced together under the goal of raising awareness for the heightened mental health crisis that has arisen since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic while promoting increased physical fitness and promoting people to safely enjoy the outdoors when they partake in virtual events. The members sitting on the board of directors are dedicated to ensuring the success of The Happy Race events and also continuing to do our part in preventing mental-health related incidents.


LORI LAI - Founder
Hello! My name is Lori Lai, and I’m a second year student at Western University pursuing a Bachelors in Medical Sciences. I’m an avid reader, runner, and an ice cream enthusiast - I can probably tell you all the best ice cream spots in the GTA! I am an advocate for mental health, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Personal experiences in my life have inspired me to combine something I love with a charitable purpose. The Happy Race was created, intended to promote physical activity, provide an outlet for people to relieve stress, and fundraise money for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). CAMH is one of the world’s leading research institute and largest teaching hospital for mental health. I hope you join us this summer as we race towards our goal - running towards a happy and healthy future.


TERRY KUANG - Chair of the Board of Directors
Hey everyone! My name is Terry Kuang and I am a Computing and Financial Management student at the University of Waterloo. I am from Mississauga and I enjoy biking, swimming and socializing with friends – one of my all-time favourite things to do being beating escape rooms! With a strong academic and extra-curricular background, I am excited to bring my talents and skillset to make sure that The Happy Race is a success for years to come!


SAGARIKA RABI - Director of Finance and Logistics
Hello everyone! My name is Sagarika Rabindranath and I am a Computer Engineering Student at the University of Toronto. I am a photography enthusiast specifically for landscape and street photography. During the summers, I like biking and walking on long trails. I hope to bring my various passions and interests to meaningfully contribute to The Happy Race.


ISHA ACHARYA - Director of Graphic Design
Hi! My name is Isha Acharya and I am a Medical Science student at Western University. During my free time, I like to bake, play soccer, go on long bike rides with my friends, and practice my photography + photoshop skills! With my strong work ethic and dedication to raising awareness about mental health, I am excited to work alongside with the members of The Happy Raise to help reach our goals!


SAWSAN AL RABADI - Director of Marketing
Hello there! My name is Sawsan Al Rabadi and I'm a second year Health Sciences student at McMaster University specializing in Child Health. I'm an avid fan of poetry, biking, and all-genre music.  Raising awareness about mental health, especially during COVID-19, is something I'm very passionate about. I'm excited to contribute all my skills in marketing and strengths in team collaboration to The Happy Race, whose cause is something I hold dear to my heart. See you at the virtual finish line!


SANJANA VUYYURU - Director of Communications
Hi everyone! My name is Sanjana and I am a medical science student at Western University. I love weight training, playing tennis, reading (my favourite book series is The Lord of the Rings) and hanging out with friends. I believe my passion for fitness and breaking the stigma around mental health will allow me to greatly contribute to The Happy Race’s initiatives.